Legendary Signature Services

Residential/Condominium, Commercial Building Services.

  • Lobby Administration Attendants, Doorman,
  • Concierge.

We provide professionally screened, vetted and extremely well managed professional lobby administration staff personnel, lobby attendant service providers for commercial and residential property’s as well as hotel and retail establishments, events, venues and applications of every variety. Our high visibility pro-­active professionals are highly effective in preventing, detouring and diminishing the ever present management issues inherent in business and property ownership and management. (Local, National, International.)

Commercial Office Building Services.

Atlas Business and Property Services and Amenities, Inc., has a long-­standing history of providing industry standard quality professional services in Commercial Office Buildings. We have provided Lobby Administration Attendant Services (Concierge Doorman) in the River North area since 1992, as services providers to Spectrum Real Estate Properties, founded in 1991 in the River North community. We currently provide Lobby Administration Attendant Services (Concierge Doorman) at 414 North Orleans (24 Hours), 350 North LaSalle (24 Hours), 820 North Orleans (24 Hours), 750 North Orleans, 311 West Superior, 400 West Erie, 430 West Erie.